OKAPI:Orbits and Aurora Propulsion Technologies join forces for mission optimization.

[Germany — 28.05.2024] OKAPI:Orbits, an industry leader in Space Traffic Management solutions, and Aurora Propulsion Technologies, a developer of water-based resistojet thrusters and de-orbiting solutions for small sats and cube sats, enter a strategic partnership to facilitate mission optimization.

The companies are committed to ensuring sustainable in-orbit operations and responsible use of space. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, the Parties aim to maximize opportunities for innovation and growth in the industry. By joining forces, the companies will be able to guarantee end-to-end mission optimization, from choosing the correct propulsion unit and the most favorable maneuver strategy to human resources effectiveness.

The companies are committed to promoting a safer and more secure space environment. The technology ensures precise positioning and hereby extends satellite lifespan and regulatory compliance via safe satellite de-orbiting.

"Our collaboration with Aurora Propulsion Technologies marks a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and sustainability of space exploration. Together, we aim to formulate plug-and-play comprehensive software and hardware solutions that uphold responsible practices from day 1." – Kristina Nikolaus, OKAPI:Orbits

"By partnering with OKAPI:Orbits, we are able to offer a holistic solution of Software and Hardware combination, making the space safer, more effective, and more sustainable through collision avoidance and safe spacecraft de-orbiting and re-entry, at the end of their lifecycle” - Maximilian LeRoux, Head of Partnerships at Aurora Propulsion Technologies.


About OKAPI:Orbits

OKAPI:Orbits is a comprehensive Space Traffic Management solutions provider. The company is committed to ensuring space missions’ safety and optimization through its AI-based SSA and STM Platforms - OKAPI:Soteria, OKAPI:Aether, and OKAPI:Astrolabe. The platforms are dedicated to maximizing in-orbit safety, promoting space sustainability, and optimizing satellite operations. OKAPI:Orbits offers end-to-end solutions and constitutes the go-to solutions provider for the dynamic needs of the space industry.


About Aurora

Aurora Propulsion Technologies’ mission is to ensure the sustainable use of space while prolonging the useful lifespan of satellites. Our technologies enable cost- and resource-effective implementation of satellite propulsion capabilities to ensure successful mission operations for the owners’ business as well as the safe and reliable decommissioning of satellites at the end of their useful life. Our long-term target is deep space exploration with microsatellite-sized probes using the revolutionary Electric Solar WindSail. Visit Aurora Propulsion Technologies at aurorapt.fi.

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