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Streamline collision avoidance cooperation between active satellites and minimize the requirement for constant oversight. The most efficient way to manage one or multiple satellites.

Game-changing features

A new era in Space Traffic Management

Developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency, OKAPI:Astrolabe seamlessly blends interoperability and decision-making. When combined with OKAPI:Aether, it offers all-inclusive services like automated assessments of conjunction event criticality, maneuver evaluation, in-depth insights about in-orbit assets, and predictive evolution forecasting.

  • Gain a comprehensive timeline view of current conjunctions, highlighting critical events, secondary object operator information, and key conjunction details.
  • Establish your tailored set of rules through collaborative negotiations in the event of a critical conjunction.
  • Automate processes seamlessly through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Application Programming Interface (API).

Three rule types available for operators


Readily available in our system for everyone to embrace and streamline their operations.


Operators suggest rules, making them accessible to adopt, fostering community and collective knowledge.


We've got you covered for personalized, one-on-one arrangements.

Real-time access to synchronized information through event-driven data sharing at your fingertips.

From confirming who will execute the maneuver during critical conjunction to uploading the pre-agreed avoidance maneuver to verifying the execution of the bespoke maneuver, OKAPI:Astrolabe features provide all necessary tools to handle the conjunction from start to end with minimal effort, all in one platform.

Meet OKAPI:Astrolabe

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