Minimize your maneuvers, maximize your efficiency

Our AI-based SSA Platform offers Risk Prediction & Collision Avoidance services with unerring accuracy.

Meet OKAPI:Aether

The future of Space Situational Awareness

Enhance your competitive edge with unparalleled risk prediction. From the initial CDM, until the Time of Closest Approach: OKAPI:Aether provides detailed insights into event evolution, calculated risk based on multiple sources, event classification while also presenting these in a easy and customisable way.

    OKAPI:Aether tailors collision avoidance recommendations based on your spacecraft's constraints, capabilities, and your preferred strategies. Even in propulsion-limited scenarios, we advise on differential drag maneuvers for effective risk mitigation.

    Tailored UI Experience


    Seamless risk monitoring enabling you to swiftly identify critical events. Shape your monitoring experience according to your unique needs.


    The power to tailor your UI experience is now in your hands: 
Add or remove data sources, create  plots, and customize visual elements.


    Automate the collision avoidance process. Explore diverse functionalities through API endpoints.

    Decide effortlessly with instant access to CCSDS-format maneuvers in the GUI. Customize maneuver timings and strategies in real-time using the API to align with mission constraints. In either case, validated recommendations ensure meeting collision probability and miss distance targets and preventing new conjunctions in the upcoming days.

    Meet OKAPI:Astrolabe

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