Redefining mission design

OKAPI:Soteria helps you optimize your design and ensures your mission's compliance with all relevant space debris mitigation requirements.

Meet OKAPI:Soteria

Optimize your mission, remain compliant

Render of a small satellite

With more small satellites and constellations being launched than ever before, spaceflight is becoming more complex. Rules like ESA's Space Debris Mitigation Requirements and NASA's ODMSP are becoming increasingly important throughout the whole lifecycle of a mission.

    OKAPI:Soteria helps you ensure your mission's compliance with all relevant space debris mitigation requirements and optimize your design. Easily define missions and satellite configurations, optimize key parameters according to your specific needs, and assess mission compliance through a variety of requirement verification analyses.

    Tailored UI Experience


    Seamless risk monitoring enabling you to swiftly identify critical events. Shape your monitoring experience according to your unique needs.


    The power to tailor your UI experience is now in your hands: 
Add or remove data sources, create  plots, and customize visual elements.


    Automate the collision avoidance process. Explore diverse functionalities through API endpoints.

    Choose from a range of services, between
    • Orbit Environment Analysis
    • Satellite Failure Impact Analysis
    • Conjunction  Analysis
    • Collision Avoidance Strategies
    • De-orbiting and Re-entry Strategies
    • Debris Impact Analysis
    • Light-pollution Analysis.

    Meet OKAPI:Astrolabe

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