Launch confidently,
orbit securely.

Real-time orbit solutions that guide the operations team in quickly performing the first maneuvers. All the information a mission needs in just some hours.

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Quicker, more precise, more reliable

The most critical phase of any mission is the launch. After release from the launch vehicle, the operator must establish contact with the satellite to send commands and receive data. This becomes very complicated in the cases of batch releases.

Operators need up-to-date orbital data to keep tracking and communicating with the satellite after the first day. When depending on public sources, this can take anywhere from days to weeks.

Your launch challenges addressed:
• Identifying the own spacecraft from a batch,
• Establish initial contact,
• Obtain the first reliable orbit solution,
• Prepare and execute the first safe maneuvers,
• Maneuver into your target orbit.

Tailored UI Experience


Seamless risk monitoring enabling you to swiftly identify critical events. Shape your monitoring experience according to your unique needs.


The power to tailor your UI experience is now in your hands: 
Add or remove data sources, create  plots, and customize visual elements.


Automate the collision avoidance process. Explore diverse functionalities through API endpoints.

OKAPI:LEOP guides you through uncertainty, and enables you to make timely decisions with confidence. Agree on a workflow and receive applied industry standards, supported by a highly reactive operations team.

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