OKAPI:Orbits signs the Zero Debris Charter at ILA 2024

[Berlin, 6 June 2024] A milestone event for the aerospace industry unfolded, at the Berlin International Air Show 2024 today, as key representatives of the commercial space sector signed the ZeroDebris Charter. This pivotal moment underscores our commitment to a sustainable and responsible approach to space exploration and utilization. Twelve European countries were the first to sign the Zero Debris Charter at the ESA/EU Space Council in Brussels last month.

The Zero Debris Charter represents a significant initiative aimed at addressing one of the most pressing issues in space today: orbital debris and its proliferation. As space activities have significantly increased, the accumulation of debris has reached alarming levels, posing a severe threat to both existing satellites and future missions. The Charter's mission is to mitigate this growing risk through comprehensive guidelines and collaborative efforts, ensuring that space remains a viable and safe domain for all.

Moments from the signing ceremony, ILA 2024

OKAPI:Orbits presence in the signing ceremony is a testament to the company’s leadership in this critical area. Our company has been at the forefront of advocating for and helping with the implementation measures to enhance space situational awareness and debris mitigation. The Zero DebrisCharter aligns seamlessly with our core values and objectives, reinforcing our dedication to ensuring space remains accessible to all humanity.


Jonas Radtke, Co-Founder, signing the Zero Debris Charter

The Zero Debris Charter outlines several key principles aimed at reducing space debris. These include the adoption of best practices for satellite design and deployment, active debris removal strategies, and international cooperation to enforce and enhance regulatory frameworks. By adhering to these guidelines, signatories commit to minimizing the creation of new debris and to taking proactive steps to address existing challenges.

OKAPI:Orbits' participation in the drafting process of the Zero Debris Charter highlights our proactive stance in shaping the future of space sustainability. We believe that a collaborative approach is essential to tackling the debris issue effectively.

Signing the Zero Debris Charter at ILA 2024 is not just a ceremonial act but a call to action. It signifies our resolve to implement and advocate for the charter’s principles across all our operations and projects. As a company deeply invested in the future of space, OKAPI:Orbits is committed to setting a high standard for environmental norms in orbit. The initiative serves as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility toward sustainable space operations. 

We are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative and remain committed to leading the charge toward a greener, cleaner, and safer orbital environment. Through innovation, collaboration, and dedication, we aim to ensure that space continues to be a frontier of opportunity and exploration for all.

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